March 4, 2024


About Us

Founded by Mother Basilea Schlink in 1980, Canaan of God’s Glory, serves as a base for our literature, audio and video ministry in Canada. We seek to provide spiritual guidance and support to our community. Jesus’ message of hope, healing, love and compassion is spread daily through our outreach and involvement with the local community. Prayer is a way of life for us, whether trusting God to supply our daily needs, celebrating His redemption, or engaging in intercessory prayer for society and the nation at large. Called by God from various countries to serve in Canada, we long to help others to discover a closer walk with Jesus, to bring encouragement to those who are hurting, to see a return to God’s directives for living: the Ten Commandments

We welcome you to explore the literature available to help follow in Jesus’ footsteps and be a witness to His compassionate love.

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Land location:

480041 Range Rd 240

County of Wetaskiwin

Mailing address

RR #1 (480041 Range Rd 240)

Millet, AB T0C 1Z0

(780) 352-4880

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